The Burien-centric Short Film Contest 2017

Constraints inspire creativity. We invite filmmakers to get inspired in our region.

The Burien-centric Short Film Contest is open to all filmmakers and accepts entries that are 5-7 minutes in length and which feature a Burien neighborhood. The 2017 deadline is midnight, June 15.

Eligible films in 2017 will meet the following criteria.

  • Length: 5-7 minutes

  • Genre: Adventure

  • Feature a Burien Neighborhood. (YOU MUST REGISTER for this contest by sending a message via the contact page to request a neighborhood.)

  • Highlight at least one small business, preferably in the neighborhood you are assigned. If your neighborhood is residential, then pick a nearby Burien business.

  • Must, in some manner, include a bicycle.

Prizes for short films:

First Place: $1500

Second Place: $1000

Third Place: $750

Certificates also awarded for:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Best Director
  • Best Screenplay/Writing
  • Best Sound/Score
  • Best Cinematography

When your film is ready Enter HERE – FilmFreeway