International Film Crawl: “When We Were Young” From “Pequenos Animais Sem Dono” by Maju de Paiva Full view

International Film Crawl: “When We Were Young”

A selection of short international films focusing on youth…both from the perspective of children and also adults reflecting on the past. From the satiric, to the tragic, to the bittersweet, there are painful coming-of-age tales and biting take-downs of the “adult” world. Read more about the program in the curator’s notes.

Free and open to the public. Screening in the Community Room of St. Elizabeth’s Church.

Note: In spite of the youthful theme, some content may not be appropriate for small children.

Films in this series

  1. L’âge de raison (The Age of Reason)
  2. Addy
  3. Pequenos Animais Sem Dono (Stray Animals)
  4. The Chicken of Wuzuh
  5. PET
  6. Star David
  7. Memories of You
  8. Carta boca abajo (Cards Facing Down)
  9. Popoff