Burien Film Festival is an annual celebration of film arts which takes

place in Burien, Washington.  

2019 Schedule of Events 

The most up-to-date information:


 Friday, October 18
Industry Social - A celebration of the wonderful people who work in NW film industry. Sneak peak at the best of the BFF International Short Films, Cocktails and Snacks. Music provided by the inimitable Ryan Burns Group, with Skerik joining for the second set @ Forest Ledge. BFF will award it's first annual Local Film Industry Heroes Award!! Donations for food and drink accepted.
RSVP to crimsonpark@hotmail.com
Saturday, October 19 - FREE TO ALL!!
3:30 - 6:15 PM  International Film Crawl -  Thirteen of the best short films (15 min. max) curated into four groups of films, a different theme for each venue.
Schedule (The selection of films at each venue will screen four times with a ten minute passing period so that you can see them all!!)

3:30 - 4:05
4:15 - 4:50
5:00 - 5:30
5:40 - 6:10

The Tin Theater - 923 SW 152nd St
Family Ties
- Departures, dir. Nicolas Morganti Patrignani, Italy
- Trust Me, dir. Sam Cutler-Kreutz, US
- Paula's Eternity, dir. Dayana Gauthier, Venezuela

The Highline Heritage Museum - 819 SW 152nd St
What Are The Odds?
- Hold On, dir. Bart Schrijver, Netherlands
- Salty, Sweet, dir.Peter Hajmasi, Hungary
- Face to Face, dir. Bashar Georgis, Bangladesh

Parallel Public Works - 15223 Ambaum Blvd SW
Power Trip
- Arriving, dir. Hermanos Prada, Spain
- Roof Knocking, dir. Sergio Salazar, Portugal
- A Little Hornless Goat, dir. Sebastien Deitsch, Argentina

Marlaina's Back Room - 643 SW 152nd St
Head Games
- Communion, dir. Patience. Nitumwesiga., Uganda
- Panic Attack, dir. Eileen O'Meara, US
- The Quiet, dir. Radheya Jegatheva, Australia
- Random Space Trivia, dir. Jose Andres Aguayo, Ecuador

7 - 8:30 PM  Screen Award Winning International Short Films - The Tin Theater - 923 SW 152nd St
Best Film - Paula's Eternity - Venezuela
Best Director - Nicolas Morganti Patrignani - Departures - Italy
Best Actor - Violeta Orgaz - Arriving - Spain
Best Cinematography - Hermit - Iran
Best Sound - Are You Volleyball - Iran
Best Writing - Bridge - Iran
Best Art Direction - The Quiet - Australia
Best Lighting - A Little Hornless Goat - Argentina
Sunday, October 20 Special Presentations - The Tin Theater - Ticketed Events
Tickets Here:

12 PM - 12:45   Perspectives from Our Neighbors to the South -

“La Trifulca I, II, and III”  - Director Arturo Pulido Garcia AND "El Secadero (Dryland) - Director José Luis Aparicio -

"La Trifulca I, II, and III" are a trilogy of short films (3 min. each) showing the three different aspects of the crisis at the the border between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California by Mexican director Arturo Pulido Garcia.

"El Secadero (Dryland)" is a short comedy by Cuban director Jose Luis Aparicio in which two police officers navigate the layers of corruption within the system.

1 PM - 2:45 PM   “The Art of Expression” - Three short films by local directors Ben Camp, Dan Schwert, Greg McCorkle. Short documentaries in three styles engaging a variety of personal expression through political protest to protest using different artistic media. Camp and Schwert, Rockwell, plus special guests for Q&A.

"WTOTV - Selected Episodes" dir. by Benjamin Camp -  This short film is comprised of nine deliberately pleonastic bursts of documentary-style Audio/Video collage based on the 1999 Seattle WTO protests

"Victims of Fun - Chapter 1" dir. by Dan Schwert - 'The intent of Victims of Fun is to provide perspectives from those involved with, and impacted by, Seattle's street art subculture. We sought to show different sides of this controversial subject with an attempt to shed light on some of the preconceived stereotypes associated with graffiti.'

"Don Rockwell Mural Project" dir. by Greg McCorkle - Follow the progress of a mural installation in Seattle by artist Don Rockwell based on the The Song of Lahore. 

3 PM - 4:00 PM   Filmmaking in Africa & Eastern Europe w/ Ugo Maduka (Nigeria) & Giorgi Tkemaladze (Georgia). What is it like to create a film in Eastern Europe or Africa? Watch clips from Maduka's and Tkemaldze's films. Directors interviewed by BFF's Director Shelli Park with audience Q&A.


4 PM - 5 PM   Megan Griffiths moderated by Lacey Leavitt - “Ask Me Anything” - 

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with famous actors? How an episode of television is made? What a "best boy" does? Well, here's your chance to get all your burning questions answered by film and television director Megan Griffiths, moderated by Lacey Leavitt. Griffiths is an industry veteran who has directed six acclaimed feature films, including the Sundance film THE OFF HOURS, award-winning human trafficking drama EDEN, and crowd-pleasing LUCKY THEM, as well as episodes of TV for Netflix, Hulu, Fox, TNT,  HBO and USA Networks. This will be a candid, honest Q&A session that won't be recorded--you'll have to be there to get all the dirt. (More on Megan's work can be found at her website: www.thecinechick.com

The Burien Film Festival (BFF) was founded by John White and Shelli Park in December 2014.  


The first Burien Film Festival was held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Burien UFO Festival on April 1, 2015.  Entries had to be five minutes in length, include a Man in Black and Alien chase scene, and feature local Burien businesses.  


The winning entry of the first BFF was:



directed by Mitch Olsen

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