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2016 BFF 1st Place, Best Director and Best Screenplay -
Harlon, Meet Lea - Directed by Devin Rodgers      
(This is the trailer. Full film to be uploaded once the film has made the festival circuit.)
2016 BFF 2nd Place and Best Cinematography - Man Vs. Myth - Directed by Malique Harris
2016 BFF 3rd Place and Best Sound/Score - Going Home - Directed by Benjamin Kerns


BFF Winner 2015 and People's Choice - "Transmission" Directed by Mitch Olsen
2015 BFF 2nd Place - "Missing" Directed by Alex Williams
2015 BFF 3rd Place - "Burien Exchange" Directed by Gevin Booth
"Real Estate Earth" directed by Syd Boyle - Best Use of Alien
"THERE'S ALIENS...ALIENS IN BURIEN" directed by Dan Schwert
"Searching..." Directed by Barry J. Fossella
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